Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Director | Carbon Tracker Initiative

The Clean Energy Revolution and Electric Vehicles – what will they mean for investors and the fossil fuel industry’s future?

Mark is the Founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative and was editor of Unburnable Carbon – Are the World’s Financial Markets Carrying a Carbon Bubble? Report. This warned investors and financial regulators of the risks of runaway climate change and the speed of the clean energy transition. Carbon Tracker’s goal is to align financial markets with climate science. More can be found at Prior to this, Mark has twenty five years experience in financial markets working for major asset management companies where he was co-founder of some of the sustainable investment funds firstly at Jupiter Asset Management in 1989 with the Ecology Funds, NPI with Global Care, the AMP Capital Sustainable Future Funds, and Henderson Global Investor’s Industries of the Future Funds. Mark has a masters in Agricultural Economics.